In Greyscale

by Tony Njoku

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released June 3, 2016

All track written, recorded and Mixed By Tony (Except guitar on Once Again by Tom Armstrong)
Mastered by Fred Bailey
Artwork by Gioia Emidi



all rights reserved


Tony Njoku UK


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Track Name: In The Loop
All this time, you’d never let me be.
It’s grey where I was, in all that’s good for me.
And there you are again, the colours in my head.

Sliding down, a rainbow by a stream.
Catherdrals in Lourdes, are all I need to see.
But there you are again, dancing round my head.
Yes there you are again,
repeating all I said x9
Track Name: A Moment To Gather
There’s a gathering, in the chasms of my heart.
Let our souls connect.
Hold my hand, hold my love, hold my hand, hold my love.

There’s a gathering, in the goodness of the dark.
Let the light show we connect.
And take your time, I’ll see you there. Take your time, ill see you there.

Give me one moment, I’m gathering my love.
To put in a basket and give you it all.
Venturing onwards you misplaced my love.
The bird crowed sweet to me, the basket is gone.
Track Name: In Repose
Slowly we reach, a heavenly peak.
Look down at the beach, a glorious feat.
Like Holofernes, my Judith has run.
Run off with my head, my troubles are gone.

Now in repose, the colours have froze.
I’m lost in the midst, of brutalist trees.
Now all my fears and mentalist strains,
Have faded away, it’s beautifully grey.

In repose, aging so slow.
Time is the foe. My tranquil has gone.
Take me along!
Track Name: Time Has
Time has come again, I’m running from the beast.
And time is quick to change, will I ever find peace.
And time has brought me here, I’ve been searching for this love.
It’s all that I believe, every other thing is wrong.

And one day, you’ll see.
Track Name: In Greyscale
One Spectrum, two number, three sections, plural functions
No colours, Black sources, white endings, grey junction
Oh darling, I’m clueless, I’ve hindered my vision
I’m running for sanctum, being chased by my demons
I’m blinded by numbers, from counting my wishes
No solace the fractions are breaking our fortunes
Your hope is, not hopeless, I hope that you know this
I hope that we get there, though now I’m uncertain
No worries, lets focus, whilst we’re in the present
I’m dancing, in colours, whilst counting my blessings
Track Name: By A Fjord
By a fjord
I was stuck in my head
By a Fjord
Looking at you at rest
By a Fjord

My head’s x9
Making noise, making mistakes
Now it’s all, making sense
This vista I adhere,
I’m glad that you’re there
Because you my friend are good.
Track Name: It Shattered Me
“I never meant to hurt you dear”
A paradox, like Trojan walls, I’m broken.
No longer shut, my fortress doors, I’m open.
A strain to talk, my wordless calls, I’ve spoken.
Perjury, in lying love, my oath, my heart, my dear, my love.
Track Name: Pixel View
In the matter of the grey, I saw and image of morphing digits
In the network of the mind, I saw an angel, blurred pixels
Track Name: Falling Flux
At times I’m naked, in sight of you dear
The grey’s upheaving, all of our feelings

A force comes out your soul, and runs into my own.
The days have been bit-crushed, There’s so much here to do.

And I can’t take it, No I won’t take it
I’ll rest from distress, and ask forgiveness
For all the lies I told, and all the guilt I hold
It hurts being young and dumb, I don’t know what to do
………………………, I’m fucking scared of this
………………………, Scared my life’s meaningless
Track Name: Once Again
Once again I lost a friend, I lost again
Once again I tripped myself, fell in myself

The silence the doubt, my walls are crumbling down
Then I picture an ocean, and the open space around
Round, a … round

Once again, my thoughts are somewhere sound
Once again, the demons have all come out

And Once again and Once again.