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by Tony Njoku

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"His blissful undulations and falsetto vocal scorched by darkened synth tones and agitated rhythm” (MOJO)

"Inspired by artists such as Björk, his new LP 'H.P.A.C.' finds him continuing to turn high art into sonic form.” (Mixmag)

“Exciting blends of African percussion, falsetto croons and dark synths” (Fact)

“A world of swirling synths that float on top of Njoku’s buried but distinctive vocals” (DIY)


released April 27, 2018

All tracks written, recorded and Mixed By Tony Njoku (Except strings on Through This Darkness by Thom Robson)
Artwork by Jordan Woods


all rights reserved



Tony Njoku UK

Tony is a British-Nigerian electronic music producer and songwriter from London.Raised in between Lagos and London the twenty-three year old has always been a frequent globetrotter with the breadth of his travels reflected in his music.His self-penned and produced songs have been described as 'strikingly evocative soundscapes,managing to make even the shortest pop songs sound like epic adventures. ... more


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Track Name: Enter The Light
To enter the light, I fall out of place.
Off of the grid, a sensitive state.
Effervescent lights, uncomfort my eyes.
A great room of white, encompassed my life.
Track Name: All Is Aligned
Open to all, the matrix of love, connecting us all a network of souls.
Agents at work the forces control, the way that we are, the way that we're not.
You're welcome to run, run in and out, my hearts' vestibules, my garden of light.
The light flickers on, my ups and my downs adjust in the suns.
Track Name: Remain Calm
This is what I wanted to avoid, give him sedatives to calm him down.
Pick him up and toss him all around, there's no telling what will happen now.

The cost is so wrong, how much would you pay. Like life has no worth.
And out the ocean in comes a great wave; I must remain calm.
Track Name: My Dear The Light Has Come
Care for me a while, I won't last so long.
I only wanted love, now is that so wrong?
I noticed how it works, but it won't make sense.
A brightness fills my head, it has me perplexed.
Track Name: In All Its Glory
In absence of the day, below the sky I lay.
The heavens orchestrate; here I ruminate.
Tried to circumvent, was forced into myself.
Inside the river alph, plunged into the void.
Again x4
What have you done, what have you done!
In all its glory (repeated)
Track Name: Through This Darkness
A Careless mind's a sacred place, far from stress, far from pain.
And that's the place I want to be, made of light, light of pink.
Paradise lost again, come on eve care for me.
In my state of hopelessness, don't leave me, don't leave me.
But if the light, at tunnels end is a train, is a train.
I'll meet you there, at heavens gate, if it's the end, I'll come prepared.
Track Name: Drifting Off In A Care Powered Balloon
I'm drifting away from, the plights in the abyss.
Being carried away by cherubs and seraphim.
Oh goodness, such glories have been bestowed on me.
I'll cherish its presence forever.
And from the veranda, I worship all the scenes.
I'm dancing, I'm dancing lost sense of everything.
Track Name: Feeling Weightless
We're not going to make it. This is the end of us.
Look at the serpent, he's coming to injure us.
I'm feeling so tranquil, I wanted to make it for us.
I'm feeling deranged, from falling too under.
Looking so weighty, from falling too under.
I'm looking for grace, my darling could you be?
Track Name: Surely This Is As Good As It Gets
Running away from everything.
No one's in sight, they're all left behind.
Ran with a grin, off of a cliff, surely this is as good as it gets.
Trying to escape out of the pit, can't see the way as dark as it is.
But don't be afraid, my dear it's ok. At least in dismay, you're in here with me.
Looked down at the pit, jumped off the edge.
I hope that you're there, I hope for the best.
There's no chance I hell, I'll find this again.
Surely this is as good as it gets.
Track Name: In Pink Love Forever
The light you shun at me is forever kindling.
The darkness in the pit; illumed in cotton pink.
A warm and tender scene, this fire sparked for me
Forever burns away, my perils and dismay.
If heaven calls for me and in the ground I lay.
I won't regret a thing; I'll dote on memories.
Gazing at the end, here we go again.
The motions of the rays, wash over me.
You watch me struggling, pretending not to see.
By god you're not a friend, won't ask me how I've been.
You said you'll never rest until we see again.
I watched you dance away, at least you're not in pain.
Track Name: As We Danced
Darling can't you see, that there's no one here for me.
There's something in command I feel the rhythm as we danced.
Tell me is this love the same that turns the sun and earth.
I told you I won't leave but this rhythm's taken me.
Are you seeing me dear, are you seeing me inside out.
Trembling by myself.
Eventually I become like an origami swan.
You twist me out of shape; you shape me how you want.
Oh you couldn't relate? to the movements in this space?
You're forgiven and it's ok, these vibes are just for me!
Track Name: On Lorca's Balcony
Oh dear me I've lost strength, I'm weary, I' wavered.
Oh dear friend, what's all this, sighed heavy, I'll take a rest.
The white sheets were stained by, myself doubt, my earthly skin.
On Lorca's balcony I saw our entire lives.

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